Offaly Traveller Movement

The Tullamore Traveller Movement was launched in 1996 as a response to the needs of the local Traveller community. We have since become the Offaly Traveller Movement (OTM) and continue to work for Traveller rights and social justice throughout the county. We are a community development organisation offering services responding to health, accommodation, youth, education and human rights.

The mission of OTM is to empower Travellers and to work as a partnership between Travellers and settled people to achieve equality and social justice for Travellers in County Offaly.

Principles, Values and Commitments
OTM believes in:

  • Travellers as a nomadic ethnic group
  • Equality
  • Social justice

OTM is committed to:

  • Human rights
  • Community development
  • Empowerment
  • Participation
  • Partnership

Strategic Plan
Our current strategic plan (June 2012-June 2015) will guide and direct the work of the organisation over this three year period. A significant consultation process was carried out with members of the Traveller community in County Offaly and with stakeholders, agencies and partners. The results of this consultation provided the framework that underpinned the strategic planning process and influenced the strategic areas of work that have been prioritised for this period. This process ensures that the organisation is community led in a very real way, and responds to Traveller identified needs accordingly.